Suchers Be Gone!

Above is a picture of the heinous incision that was made to restore my misbehaving tendon. A major milestone in the healing process comes in two days when I get the suchers out. I'm so stoked. Even though my leg won't be recognizable as a 'leg' for a few weeks it will be nice to have these buttons taken off of my skin shirt. So far everything is going well. I've been pretty mobile, getting out on a two mile walk, going dancing, etc. etc. I've tried working out a few times, nothing major yet, just trying to take it easy and promote healing as much as possible. I definitely have days where I feell like this: But, don't let that scare you away. All I need is a little encouragement and a lot more time. The weather has turned amazing lately (amazing for me means it's warmer, not necessarily drier), and when the sun comes out it's like Spring/Summer. The air is different, it's not as bitter anymore, opting instead for a more fragrant garb. The kind newly budding plants wear. March comes to a close and I have a long month ahead of me, with (hopefully) some light at the end of the tunnel. By the end of April, if everything goes according to plan, I should be free of my boot and walking in normal shoes again (hell, maybe even a little light jogging?). In the meantime I have been bombarding myself with the cancerous rays of the television, LOTS of internet climbing porn, and bill juggling. The return to work last week was nothing less than unorgasmic and I have been really focused on what it is I want to pursue after my contract expires. Its hard to focus on those things whilst pining away for normalcy. Anyway, hope all is good with everyone. See you around.


NM said…
Micah, good to hear about your healing process underway. You're gonna come back with newfound gratitude and a strength inside you never knew before. God bless bro.

Anonymous said…
Did you get paid leave for your injury? :D

Can't wait to climb with you again!
Oh yes!
A combination of sick and annual leave.
I can't wait to climb with you too Andrew! I would settle for indoor jug pulling at this point. The good news is that I'm going to start one footing in the gym soon. I just need the okay from the doc.
Laura said…
that picture is gnarley! seriously kind of scary. heal well, and i will set a sweet 5.6/7 jugathon - ready for all - including those that have only one foot or use of only one.
Anonymous said…
I'll be ready to catch you a lot - I just got a Grigri
georgef said…
it's spelt 'sutures' but you'd have to be a DICK to point that out right?? ah. shit.

how on God's green earth did you manage that little mishap?? glad you're on the mend anyway!
In America we spell it 'suchers'.

Playing basketball like a stupid twot, when I should have been doing one arm pull ups and sending V.insanity.

Are you really gonna' make me fly all the way over to Brittain so you can verbally berate me in the flesh?
Good times...
georgef said…
Haha it's only so we can make ourselves feel better! We're the bullies of the world, just check a map of the world in the 19th century for evidence of that!

You guys should head over in the summer, stay at Dom's and see the sights.

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