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First Contact

“The use only of our bodies for work or love or pleasure, or even for combat, sets us free again in the wilderness, and we exult” –Wendell Berry
"Remember who you are, forget what you've become, create a new future” – Chad Muska

It’s dangerous for me to drive to Leavenworth in the Fall.  Explosions of color are nothing short of blinding – bewildering, mesmerizing.  It’s hard to keep my eyes on the road in the face of such beauty.  

We made a solid commitment to going to Leavenworth for bouldering this Fall; a commitment that was made much easier once we invested in a couple of new crash pads.  The massively uncomfortable to carry and unreasonably heavy antiquated tri-fold Metolius crash pad that had all at once been my bed as well as kept my limbs intact while bailing off of highballs in Bishop was now replaced by two super lightweight BD Impact pads.  

This past weekend we loaded the car up and hit the road early enough to see the sun rise, the rays of light breathing life into …

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