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Move Towards Your Discomfort

Andrew Hou shaking off the pump on Vanilla Ice (7c+)

It is all too apparent when someone is using a crutch in life to avoid the more painful things we all must eventually face (or maybe not, some people become experts at avoiding there fears and discomforts).Mine is moving on, moving forward, and owning my mistakes.It also comes in the form of self-discipline and patience.Instant gratification is all too easy to give into. While the season for me is pretty much over, barring a few trips to Smith before the end of the year, I have started to reflect on the past year.What worked, what didn’t, what was motivating, where I fell short, where I overcompensated, where I tried too much, where I didn’t rest, where I didn’t rest enough, etc. etc.

I had one goal this year and it was to – ‘climb harder’?Whatever that means.On an objective numerical scale that would mean simply to climb a route graded 5.14/8b+.However, even though that did not happen, I still feel like I accomplished something in…

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