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How to Have an Original Thought

Why does the image of her hair stick in my head so much?Maybe it is because the first thing that came into focus that night was the sight of her hair, next her head, then her body, laying forlornly, calmly, almost peaceful against the outside of the tent.It was immensely frightening to say the least.The way the tent slowly crumpled at the entrance, just to the side of the opening.As if someone had stepped lightly but forcefully onto the tent itself. My fear grew as I called out for her and heard nothing in return.A second call for her disappeared into the pitch of the night, the blackness of solitude engulfing every syllable.Her response was weak and distant, but there was a presence that was looming and near.It unnerved me.I was blind with no light and unfocused without my glasses.The list of disastrous outcomes grew long in my mind, the sickening imagination of a night gone sorely wrong manifested into an insurmountable wave of terror and then came meekly crashing down in front of …

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