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Lucky Pigeon (8a+) in the Aggro Gully at Smith Rock State Park.  The masking I used to edit this photo might be kind of sloppy so I apologize for how forced it looks but I'm playing around with editing software and trying to learn something new everyday. 

Distant snow frosted peaks and ridges just outside of North Bend, WA.  Sometimes the clouds and rain lift their skirts so we can take a peak at the beauty underneath.
The very top of Mt Si in North Bend, WA.  I've spent so much time looking at these rocky faces and spires and never actually visited them.  It would be real interesting to see if any of this is climbable and not just a bunch of choss.
Experimenting with the macro function on my camera.   
I really love how the light is hitting this daffodil, kind of eerie and ethereal at the same time.  Still struggling with my understanding of focus and exposure.  

I was drawn to this because of the red berries out of focus in the back ground.  I liked the contrast of the whit…

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